The New York Times
3D Animation & Web Design

Credit Suisse Paid Post

I designed a Paid Post for Credit Suisse that focused on a new drone company in Singapore. My role was the design of the page and the creation of the 3D drones and animations. I used 3D here as it was also a clear and simple way to make those scenes more engaging and interesting to the reader.

Blue drone rendering on the webpage
Photography of Mark Yong on the webpage
Screenshot of the webpage
Atmospheric shot of Mark Yong working in his office
Print design for the New York Times newspaper

Print execution

I designed this print advert to promote the Paid Post. It was printed on page 3 of the International New York Times.

Mobile screenshot of the page design
Mobile screenshot of the page design

I modeled each drone by referencing images from the client.
I then animated them in scenes to show the applications of each drone.

The first drone flies with an attached infrared camera to take images that will help analyze the health of the crops.

The M06A drone follows a precharted inspection route to gather visual data from telecom towers.

The UVA carries a camera and an onboard delivery mechanism, which allows inspectors to locate stagnant pools of water in real time.

I used Cinema 4D to model each scene and After Effects for adding post production effects.

3d rendering process shot
3d rendering process shot
3d rendering process shot